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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Berikut adalah ayat2 power rangers yg boleh dicadangkan kat Bill Gates dalam keluaran Windows akan datang..kah3

  1. Frequently asked questions about Vista.  No 1 Question - How do I get my money back?  (Fact is stranger than fiction)
  2. This will end your Vista session. Do you want to play another game?  
  3. Windows Update Service Problem.  Waitress is sick.
  4. A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.  Smash forehead on keyboard to continue.
  5. Path not found.  Try the grass shortcut.
  6. An operations error occurred. Enter any 11-digit prime number to continue.
  7. Press any key to continue, or any other key to quit.
  8. Vista message: "Error saving file! Format drive now? (Y/Y)"
  9. 'Known issue' - it's just the solution that is unknown.
  10. This is a message from God Gates: "Rebooting the world. Please log off."
  11. Object already non-existent. Are you sure you still want to delete?  (N/N)
  12. CONGRESS.SYS corrupted... Re-boot Washington D.C? (Y/N)
  13. Error reading FAT file system record: Try the SKINNY one? (Y/N) 
  14. Vista_error 16547: LPT1 not found. Use backup. (PENCIL & PAPER.SYS)  
  15. Windows VirusScan 1.0 - 'Windows Vista found: Remove it? (Y/N)'
  16. Your hard drive has been scanned and all stolen software titles have been deleted. The police are on the way.
  17. We are reading your error report, but we are not understanding.
  18. Hold down the Numb Lock. Phone 555-1212-4590 and ask for Lulu.
  19. You can provide feedback by completing the form.  However, you are wasting your time because it goes to a sink account that we never read.
  20. Vista_Error: 815 Insufficient Memory - Only 5,000 Gigawatts available!!
  21. Vista_Error: 009 Horrible bug encountered - Press F13 for more help.
  22. Vista_Error: 00D Window closed - Do not look outside.
  23. Vista_Error: 005 Multitasking attempted - System confused.
  24. Vista_Error: 004 Erroneous error - Nothing is wrong (just testing)
  25. Vista_Error: 013 Unexpected error - Huh ?
  26. Vista_Error: 079 Mouse not found - A mouse driver has not been installed.  Please click the left mouse button to continue.

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Nice fill someone in on and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you seeking your information.

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