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Sunday, April 25, 2010


Hahha..korang mesti tahu kan pasal pembunuhan nie yang pernah masuk surat khabar dan skank nie aku nak share ngan hampa real video pembunuhan tu..chekidaut..!! 

Di dalam video ini dapat disaksikan beberapa orang remaja membunuh seorang lelaki yang agak lebih dewasa daripada mereka, mereka ni semua memang berhati binatang, langsung tiada perasaan, kepala lelaki itu dipukul bertalu-talu dengan sesuatu benda yang keras, kemudia perutnya ditikam bertubi-tubi. Selain itu mata sebelah kiri lelaki itu juga dicungkil dengan pemutar screw (screw driver). Menyedari nyawa lelaki itu liat untuk melayang salah seorang dari pemuda tadi menghentam kepala lelaki berkenaan dengan menggunakan tukul besi yang besar beberapa kali.

Warning - This video is EXTREMELY disturbing.. DO NOT watch it if you are easily shocked, offended or have a weak stomach.. in fact, you probably shouldn't watch it at all!

This is a real video, of a real murder, recorded by the Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs - a group of teens in Ukraine, who filmed themselves murdering a man with a hammer and a screwdriver. This is an horrific video, likely the most graphic and violent video on the net. Be warned, it is very disturbing.

The Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs were a group of three 19 year old boys. Within a span of one month, the teens brutally murdered 21 people. They started off torturing and killing cats and later moved onto killing people. Their first victim was beaten with metal rods, but since it took him a while to die, they used hammers to finish him off. Hammers must have seemed like a decent tool for killing as they’d continue with their killing spree using hammers as the primary object with which to kill. They would video tape their murders on a cell phone camera and would attend the funerals of the people they’d killed.

One of three teens later on quit but the other two continued to murder. The Ukraine police eventually tracked down and detained the teens, which brought immense relief to the people of Dnepropetrovsk and the rest of Ukraine who watched with terror as there was one brutally murdered victim after another. The computer that was seized by the police contained videos of 21 murders and over 300 photographs, including images from funerals as the boys would capture themselves flipping off the graves of their victims.

The Ukraine police did not reveal how they caught the Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs but investigation on motives uncovered the brutal truth - the teens were killing as a hobby. They were murdering people to have a collection of memories when they get old. Each of the boys, who were classmates and come from wealthy families, admitted that they were killing just for fun. They were picking their victims at random - mostly people who looked like they would not fight back.
The names of Dnepropetrovsk killers are:

Igor Suprunyuck
Viktor Sayenko
Alexander Hanzha

English translation of what the killers are saying:

“Hold on, hold on. Be neater, fuck!” likely saying that to watch out for the blood.
“Hold on, hold on, hold on, don’t hit him, don’t hit him. Watch him…” the rest of the sentence is indistinct, but he’s likely telling the guy to watch for the blood as he’s zooming in to capture the close up
The following audio is unclear.
[After the screwdriver stabbing]
“What? With what?” as the cameraman responds to the boy who stabs the victim
“What, he’s still alive?” says the guy stabbing the victim
“He’s still moving his arms after I ripped up his intestines” the cameraman muffles indistinctly
“He’s having a fucked up day” says the stabbing guy after he’d stepped on his stomach.
[More muffled talk as he proceeds to stab him in the eyes with the screwdriver]
“Get over here fast. Kill him already.”
“What?” says the stabber
“Kill him already.”
“I already put the hammer back. He’s already dead.”
“I poked out his eyes and he’s still not dead” says the cameraman
“Get the knife” cameraman continues
*Proceeds to bludgeon him then interrupts by saying something indistinct*
“More, more” cameraman telling the other guy to keep bludgeoning him to make sure he’s dead
“Hold on, hold on”
*They start walking back to the car*
More muffled talk from the blond killer
“Wash your hands” cameraman says and tells him to spray cleaning chemical on the hammer
“I’ll hold it”
*Muffled talk from the guy washing the hammer*
*More muffled talk from the guy washing his face and walking back from his car*
“I stuck the screwdriver in his brain” says the camera man
*Muffled talk from the guy washing his hands*
“I got him in the nose from his eye” or something along those lines
“I don’t understand how he was alive? I felt his brain” says the camera man
“I was holding the screw driver like this *muffled/don’t understand*”
Before the video ends the blond guy says “Alright, let’s get a picture” tak??terasa loya perut tuh?? xpown loya mata..hahha..aku xde apa sebab video camni dah biasa da aku tgk.. Kalo korang nak lagi video2 camni..korang beli ja cd 'Faces Of Death' kat kedai cd..lagi ngeri dri yg ni pown ada..sori la lagu cheer cket..kah3

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