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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Muslim Is Not Terrorist!!

Yesterday, I just read this comment from an American in yahoo!NEWS about Powell and his statement about Illegal Immigrants in US.
The comentator wrote about 5 things that American should do...
1)Vote in strong leaders. (The ones we have now can't even say Islamic Terrorism)

2)Secure our borders. Illegal immigrants from all over the world, can and do come across the Mexican border.

3)Have every Muslim and other immigrants 
sign a binding contract to accept our constitution, language and our laws. No more press one for English , press two for Spanish, press three for ...!!!

4)Have every Muslim (in writing)denounce Mohammad and Allah and Sharia law or face DEPORTATION.

5)Until all Muslim countries allows Churches and Synagogues there will be NO Mosques or Islamic Schools in the United States.

There are churches, Temples...and big statue of Budha in country with mayoritas Muslim like Indonesia and Malaysia. People with different faith walk together hand in hand in peace and harmony for a betterment of humanity.  There is Church in Muslim country.

Terrorism is not belong to Muslim, its people or its country. Terrorism not belong to anyone or anywhere except the person who did that.Its never about what you are but who you are.
Doesn't matter what your religion, the important is what inside your heart and your head. Terrorist is not an accidental. Not because one muslim did terrorism then all muslim are terrorist.
Ah... should read more and learn more. People said.. Knowledge shape Attitude...

credit to: bianglala

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