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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Arghh!! Finally..

Yeah.. I did it..!! Finally,after 13 days working tirelessly and bathing with sweat,now come the pay day!! As I told before, I've participate in YouthSay Blogging Project to share and give opinion about youth nowadays. And as wrote in the agreement, now after completed all the 10 topics the gave, come the pay day!! Weee!!! This is the email that I receive from Ronn, the organizer of this project..Huahaha..

Congratulations for completing all the chapters! I thank you for your contribution for Real Voices 2! :)

OK, now here comes the exciting part - payment time! What I will need from you here are :

1. Your full name according to IC / bank account :
2. Your bank account number :
3. The bank your account belong to (Maybank, CIMB, RHB, etc.) :

Please double triple quadruple check the details before you click and send to me to avoid getting your payment delayed OK? I'm not friendly to amending mistakes! :P

Once I got all the checks from the accounts department, I will personally walk to the bank and deposit for you.

Thanks for your time for the past 2 weeks, and do add me on Facebook to keep in touch (if you don't mind getting spammed by philosophical an geek talk once in a while :) )

Enjoy ar lepas nie de..kah3!! Tenqiu banyak2 Ronn. Lenkali kalo nak wat lagi, jangan ar malu2 contact aku..!

'Teringin jugak nak cakap Mat Saleh setahun skali!!'

Do Click The Nuffnang ^.^ Thank You

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